Renewable energy

Clean, safe and eco-friendly system:
it is available with cutting edge technology.

Introduction to business division
HVAC business headquarter provides eco-friendly, high-efficiency total solutions that are focusing more on tomorrow than on today.
HVAC business headquarter dreams of environment where technology and future, human and nature will coexist, and provides optimal total solutions, including high-efficient eco-friendly chiller, heat storage system, air conditioner and other various products and systems.
Eco-friendly, high-efficiency totaling solution
The New and Renewable Energy Business Headquarters, along with projects using new and renewable energy such as geothermal, solar, waste heat recovery, and fuel cells. Total solutions are provided in the area of waste pipe transport system, heat storage system and technology fusion energy system. In addition, the new renewable energy business headquarters has developed geothermal heating, ice storage systems, shrinking heat systems and small cogeneration systems to lead eco-friendly R&D projects by supplying new and renewable energy and expanding supply.
New and Renewable Environment Business Department
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· FAX : 02-2600-9740

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