HVAC Facility/Plant

Clean, safe and eco-friendly system:
it is available with cutting edge technology.

     Introduction to business division
HVAC business headquarter provides eco-friendly, high-efficiency total solutions that are focusing more on tomorrow than on today.
HVAC business headquarter dreams of environment where technology and future, human and nature will coexist, and provides optimal total solutions, including high-efficient eco-friendly chiller, heat storage system, air conditioner and other various products and systems. 
Air Conditioning Equipment / Plant Business Goals and Status
The HVAC plant has been providing Total Solution to the HVAC system applied to various buildings located in the plant site
We are also expanding our business by participating in the Chilled Water System that is provided to the process and Energy Saving System through the recovery of waste heat.
  Air Conditioning Plant Business R & D
We are continuing research and development on refrigeration air and air conditioning products such as turbo chiller and absorption chiller for high efficiency and diversification of products for better future today. We are striving to provide differentiated solutions by improving system engineering ability.
Organization Chart and Contact
· TEL : 02-2600-9674
· FAX : 02-2600-9750

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