Industrial HVAC

Clean, safe and eco-friendly system:
it is available with cutting edge technology.

Introduction to business division
HVAC business headquarter provides eco-friendly, high-efficiency total solutions that are focusing more on tomorrow than on today.
HVAC business headquarter dreams of environment where technology and future, human and nature will coexist, and provides optimal total solutions, including high-efficient eco-friendly chiller, heat storage system, air conditioner and other various products and systems.
R&D for Industrial HVAC
As LIFE CYCLE of industrial products is shortened due to the remarkable development of modern industrial technology, an efficient and reasonable production environment of industrial products is required.
In response, all of the industry and engineering departments continue their research on the direction of improvement of thermo-hygrostat, dehumidifier, and clean room equipment with the goal of highly efficient and diverse air-conditioning products that make up the production environment of products.
We continue our research and efforts to achieve the state-of-the-art industrial environment through efficient system application such as GMP, GLP, and HACCP.

Organization Chart and Contact
· TEL : 02-2600-9641
· FAX : 02-2600-9740

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