Company Overview

Shinsung Engineering is a company specialized in highly-efficient eco-friendly renewable energy and special industrial HVAC.

Top-class company leading the future HVAC and environmental industry,
‘Shinsung Engineering’
Brand Story
Shinsung Engineering’s total brand for HVAC, ZEPHYROS
Shinsung Engineering has opened a new era of Korea’s HVAC with ZEPHYROS.
ZEPHYROS is a unique brand to integrate all products, systems and services produced and sold by Shinsung Engineering.
ZEPHYROS, a god of wind who blooms in Greek myth
ZEPHYROS, a brand for the next-generation intelligent HVAC system made by the top-class technology of the company specialized in HAVC for 30 years, will create a myth and be a breath of fresh air in the global HVAC industry, as the name imparts.
We will deliver faith and the best satisfaction.
Now, ZEPHYROS of Shinsung Engineering, a reliable company from HVAC system to industrial HVAC, will deliver the best satisfaction.
Business Category
Corporate communication video
This is a promotional video of Shinsung Engineering, a company pursuing perfect quality and zero defects.
Shinsung Engineering
communication video
About CI
Introduction to CI of Shinsung Engineering, a HVAC company in Korea
Symbol Mark
Shinsung Engineering’s symbol mark makes a sophisticated expression on harmony between individuals, enterprises and society to visualize ‘S, S’, English initial of Shinsung, in two smooth curves, and represents future humanism that will grow along with the development of technology using effect of gradation from cobalt blue (Pantone DS192-1C) symbolizing future, cutting edge, reliability and reason, sky blue (Pantone DS 221-5C) symbolizing blue and youth, and linden green (Pantone DS 298-1C) symbolizing hope and challenge. In order to use symbol mark correctly and effectively, it should be applied based on a clear understanding on principles and regulations of use in this paragraph, and refer to manual or consult with CI-related department before applying application and actual production.
Geometrical Construction of Symbol Mark
Shinsung Engineering’s symbol mark is a symbol that shows the core elements of corporate identification system and Shinsung Engineering’s corporate philosophy at a glance. It creates a sense of spiritual unity among sister companies of Shinsung Engineering, and serves as a representative of Shinsung Engineering’s image for external communication. Therefore, this manuscript of manual should be used to avoid misuse, and a method of reduction or expansion by photolithography, or otherwise an accurate construction pursuant to the proportional provisions as specified in the grid system of this paragraph should be used.
Shingsung Engineering’s symbol mark expresses diversity of corporate culture and future-oriented image using gradation effect, which requires accurate control according to color regulation in this paragraph for visual unification. In particular, a careful attention should be paid to the difference in brightness and chroma according to media.
  • C40 + Y100
  • C100 + Y35
  • C65 + M20
  • C100 + M80
  • C40 + Y100
  • C100 + Y35
  • C65 + M20
  • C100 + M80
  • PANTONE 874C
  • PANTONE 877C